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For your Grammy® Consideration
Best Classical Compendium


Viajeros is an album that takes audiences on a captivating musical journey, celebrating the art and legacy of the traveling musician and its profound influence on music history. The pieces encapsulate the essence of exploration, reflecting upon the myriad of experiences and adventures encountered during travels, and how these transformative moments inspire and shape the music we create.


In an interconnected world where borders become blurred and cultures intertwine, "Viajeros" embodies the universal language of music, highlighting its ability to serve as a common denominator that transcends cultural boundaries. Through the harmonious blend of two guitars performed by Giovanni Piacentini and Mak Grgic plus the beautiful voice of Meagan Martin, the pieces illustrate the profound impact of diverse cultural encounters, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of the rich tapestry of humanity and the importance of inclusivity. 


The rhythmic patterns and melodic motifs in the guitar duet "Viajeros", draw inspiration from the vibrant rhythms of Latin America, the intricate melodies of the Middle East, the soulful ballads of Europe, and the hypnotic beats of Africa. Each cultural influence is interwoven, creating a unique tapestry of sounds that celebrates the diversity of our global musical heritage.


The three poems that I set to music in this song cycle capture the witty, risqué and smart subtextual criticism of the patriarcal society that Sor Juana so bravely revealed and helped raise awareness about. In “Rosa Divina”, she simultaneously praises and mocks the feminine. In “Detente, sombra de mi bien esquivo” she narrates her feelings of unrequited romantic love wrapped in irony and subtle pessimism. “Esta tarde, mi bien, cuando te hablaba” is another poem about love lost in a very different tone full of pain, and beautiful hopelessness. 

Viajeros Cast

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